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All That’s Known about the Tony Awards so far

Hello all! I’m back with today’s Broadway news! I was going to do a different story about TV musicals, but I think that one will just have to wait until next week, because yesterday I saw an article about the Tony’s and I was just so excited that I couldn’t wait to post!

For those who are unaware of what the Tony’s are, it’s the awards show that’s held for Broadway, typically in early June, and it highlights all the shows from this season who have been nominated and then they give out all the awards. My favorite part is the best musical category because they put on mini performances of the different shows, and for someone who will probably never get to see these shows live, it’s amazing to see just a glimpse.

The article that I found is linked here from TheatreMania and it’s about the calendar of events for this Tony’s season. So the big date is June 9th, which is the date of the Tony awards, and they’re being held in Radio City Music Hall as they usually are. The other big date is nominations for all the different categories will be announced on April 30th. The additional dates mentioned in the article are for luncheons ad press events, but the nominations is the big one.

This is an exciting time because there are so many different shows on Broadway right now and from this past season, and nobody really knows if they’re going to be considered/nominated until that day. It’s also exciting for me because personally I start to listen to all of the cast albums starting from that day so I know the musical numbers so that I can make my own mind up on who I’d like to win! Since obviously I can’t see all the shows, this is the way that I become familiar with the material, the plot, the characters, all the extra stuff that you’d get while actually watching the show on Broadway. So I’m super excited to hear the nominees so I can start becoming familiar with some of these amazing shows!

That’s all I have for this week, as usual if you have any opinions or pre-predictions for the Tony awards leave me a comment down below! Also any future suggestions I’m always welcome to! Until next time, sing loud, dance hard, and love Broadway!


Discover a Whole New World to Let Go your feelings about these new trailers

Today is all about Disney, specifically the newest two trailers that have been released this week. Just in case you weren’t aware, Disney dropped the newest Aladdin trailer at the Grammy’s this past Sunday and also released the Frozen 2 trailer today! I’ll be putting both trailers below, and links here and here to the theatre sites I found them at so that you can take a look at them.

I’ll explain why I think this news relates to Broadway other than the fact that I found these articles on two separate websites where I get my Broadway news. Frozen and Aladdin both have shows on Broadway right now in New York, and they’re both spectacular. Of course I haven’t seen them, just listened to the music, but the stories still ring true to the movies while also adding in some stellar new material along the way. I plan on doing an entire post about Disney on Broadway because it’s amazing, but that’s for a later date. So with these shows being on Broadway it’s a way to continue the hype for the shows, but also to bring some publicity and hype for the new movies as well. And with Disney being a presence on Broadway, it makes sense that these trailers are picked up by Playbill and TheatreMania and put on as news.

I’ll start with Aladdin because it was released first and the internet has been a chatter with opinions on the entire movie. Those opinions aside, I really liked the trailer, I thought it really stayed true to the scenes of the movie that are going to be highly anticipated, such as Prince Ali with the elephants in the street, and the scene just before A Whole New World. I will say I’m not as impressed with this trailer as I felt like I was going to be, so it was a bit of a letdown. I mean I’m still definitely interested in the movie, but I’m a bit eh on this trailer.

So Frozen 2 is next, and I’m thrilled. I am in love with the Broadway show, the new songs that have been added are beautiful and really capture the emotion and feeling of the original movie, which I love. To start out, Elsa is wearing pants, and her outfits are gorgeous. Anna’s hair down and natural makes me wanna cry of happiness, and the new character in the fall leaves makes me eager to see the next installment of the Frozen franchise. The new trailer leaves so much up in the air for the plot of the movie too, which is amazing. I personally think that they’re going to discover another character who has powers like Else but over another element, maybe air since there were tons of leaves in the trailer. I know I’m going to have to wait, but I’m so excited!

So those are my tidbits of news for today. As usual if you have any comments about these trailers leave me a comment down below! Or if you have any topics you’d like me to talk about I’m always open to suggestions!

Monthly Musicals

Monthly Musicals

So this week I thought I’d put together a list of musicals I’ve been listening to over the month to spark conversation as well as just let you know a bit more about my interests. So I plan on having a new list, an old list, and a recommended/want to listen to list. I’ll link to the websites if there are any, and if not the Wikipedia page so that you can get a brief synopsis if you’re interested in learning about these shows as well!

New Musicals

So the new musicals that I’ve been listening to in January are the Prom and Pretty Woman. I’ve really just been casually listening to these as I’ve been busy with work and school. I’ve listened through Prom I think twice, and Pretty Woman once or twice, so I’ve just gotten the bare minimum of listening, but I really like both of them so far. They’re both pretty catchy and easy to listen to.

Older Musicals

So I’ve been listening to a bunch of stuff that I already know or is new to me but opened a while ago. This month it was Rent, Bandstand, Billy Elliot, and Hamilton. So Hamilton and Rent were shows that I know and love, and Bandstand and Billy Elliot were new to me. I really liked Bandstand, the era of the music really makes for a great listening experience, and it’s fun music just in general. I’ve also only listened to Billy Elliot twice, but the story is awesome, and the music is really good as well. I didn’t realize that the music was by Elton John, but once I figured it out, it really made sense and it has that Elton John kind of feel to it.

Recommended/Want to listen to

So I’ve been recommended by a lovely follower to listen to Heathers the musical, which is one that I’ve always wanted to listen to, so I’m definitely going to try and give it a listen in February. I also am interested in listening to The Lightning Thief, 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee, and Once: A New Musical. I’m probably going to be listening to Lightning Thief first, and then hopefully Heathers after that.

That’s my monthly musical list! I really hope that this is interesting to those following/reading this blog, let me know if I should keep this up!


Sincerely, Me

Hello again, I’m back and here to talk about one of my favorite shows, Dear Evan Hansen. I originally found this show on Spotify in the fall of 2016 and have loved it since then. Dear Evan Hansen is a story about a teen who struggles in his everyday to bee noticed. However when a classmate unexpectedly dies, he unexpectedly learns to speak up and becomes more confident, though at what cost (Gibson, 2017). I really like this musical because it really hits home of being accepted when you feel like nobody is looking at you or paying attention to you. I think it’s what people feel so often but nobody has had the right words to express this feeling until now.

The exciting part of this musical is that they’ve just recently turned it into a book! So the link from TheatreMania is here and it explains about how this process came to be. The book gives the full script as well as deleted scenes and lyrics and a few other extras as well. I love that this musical is becoming embraced by so many people because I think it really fosters the energy of love and acceptance.

Every time I listen to the soundtrack, I get chills from the song “You Will Be Found” and I’ve posted a video down below to show just how powerful of a message it is. It shows people that you’re not alone in the world and the somebody is always there and has your back, and that’s a beautiful message.

That’s all for this week, next week I’m excited to share a new musical that I’ve been listening to as well as miscellaneous news that I’ve found through the next week! As always leave me a comment down below with your thoughts about this week’s post and ideas for the future!


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Be More Chill is cooler than a vintage cassette, and I’ll show you why

Hello all, I’m back and writing about one of the newest shows that’s coming to Broadway! Be More Chill is a show that I found last year around this time, and really just fell in love with the music because it’s so different from what I would consider traditional musicals. The story follows a teen named Jeremy as he navigates his way through high school as a bit of an outcast, along with his friend Michael. When he learns about a pill he can take that will implant a supercomputer in his head to help him become “cool” he takes the chance, and what happens next is so fun. I don’t want to spoil the fun of the musical, but if you listen to the soundtrack there are some really amazing songs about Jeremy’s journey as well as the struggle of whether to fully embrace his new life or to leave his old life and friend behind.

Playbill recently came out with an article giving a super brief synopsis as well as mentioning the cast, and a really fun video of the cast in rehearsals. The music is so fun and vibrant that I can’t wait to see previews of performances to see what the other components of this show are going to be. I can’t link the video here, so you’ll have to go to the article if you want to watch the rehearsals, but I promise it’s worth the extra click because they’re so fun to watch!

Also on Tuesday the first vlog for Be More Chill was posted to the YouTube channel. There are always clever titles for these vlogs, and this one is no different. It’s titled Pacman tattoo as a tribute to the lyrics in the song from the show “Two Player Game”. The first episode I’ll post below so if you’re interested you can check it out, but it’s all about George Salazar and him explaining how the show got to be on Broadway and his involvement.

I’m super excited to see what types of things we’ll see with the vlogging though, I love all the vlogs, and their YouTube channel is great for checking out other shows as well. I’ll link their channel here in case anyone else is interested.

That’s it for today, leave me a comment down below of your favorite musical to watch rehearsal videos of. Also shout out to the followers of this blog, I’m so excited that people are interested in this blog, so thank you so much for keeping up with me!


Finding my podcast corner of the sky

This week’s first post is all about listening to podcasts, something that I’ve only recently gotten into, and I’m talking like the last 6 months recent. I don’t listen to many podcasts, but the ones I do follow and like are some musical theatre ones, so I thought it would be a wonderful place to share them here on my blog.

The first podcast that I found is Playbill’s The Broadway Cast, which is hosted by Ben Cameron, and I really enjoyed it as my introduction not only into the podcast world but also into the musical theatre podcast world. Each week he brings on a few people who are either on Broadway, touring, or have an insight into the creative process and creates a dialogue with them. To me it’s really cool to see the actors and actresses behind the scenes and answering questions that I wouldn’t think about asking, such as how did you get into theatre, and the most influential Broadway show/actor in their lives were. The questions can be thought provoking and also just plain fun, it depends on the people and the day. Unfortunately this podcast hasn’t updated in a while, but I’m really hoping that with the New Year there will be new episodes that are just as good as the previous seasons.

The other podcast that I listen to is Jim and Tomic’s Musical Theatre Happy Hour. Similar to the Playbill podcast, it hasn’t updated in a while, but it’s only been since September of 2018, so I have high hopes that they will come back in 2019 with more amazing content. I haven’t even come close to listening to all the episodes yet, but this podcast delves deep into singular shows for the week and really breaks them apart. Jim and Tomic do an amazing job of making sure that the show is explained for people who haven’t seen it, and really looking at things in them that I personally would have never thought about. I believe that both of them have degrees relating to the theatre field, and both are actively working in the field as well, so they bring a fresh take on shows that I’ve seen and love. Plus they’re good friends, and that comes across well through the podcast and you can tell that even when they don’t agree they can listen to each other and have great conversations too, which is what I look for in a podcast.

Those are the podcasts that I listen to, and I’m still working my way through Musical Theatre Happy Hour, but if anyone has any other podcasts that they listen to leave a comment in the section down below and I’ll look into them! Also I’d love to come up with a catchy tagline to leave at the end of my posts, so if you have any ideas for that leave me a comment as well. I’d love to hear what people think!


Lin Manuel Miranda is not throwing away his shot in Hamilton just yet

I’m back and ready to talk about musical theatre! If you haven’t already guessed it, the answer to the hint from the last post was Lin Manuel Miranda who originally wrote and starred in Hamilton. This may come as a shock to some people but I’m in love with Hamilton. So when I heard that Lin was resurrecting his role as Alexander Hamilton in Puerto Rico, I was all over the news. I follow Lin on Twitter, so I’m pretty sure I saw the news there, and if you aren’t following him then I think you should because his tweets are amazing! I’ll put the link here. But since then I’ve been following a bit, and I’ve rounded up all the most interesting things I’ve seen here for you!

This article gives the basic information about the run in Puerto Rico, the dates were from January 11-27 and they performed at the Centro de Bellas Artes Luis A. Ferrè theatre in Puerto Rico (Aukland, 2018). It also lists the cast and where to find tickets in case you need/want them. The real interesting articles were actually videos in the articles themselves. The first one was Lin Manuel Miranda’s interview with Jimmy Fallon about the struggles that he’s had being Hamilton again. It was a small portion of his interview, but it just showed to me the dedication that he has to being Hamilton and I’ve always admired him for that. I’ll link the video below and the article here if you want to see the rest of the interview, which talks about Mary Poppins Returns (which is amazing btw).

The other clip that I found and really loved was the super short clip above of the cast of the Puerto Rico show and some of the recognizable numbers. I loved this clip because it really showed that the cast is ever changing and always so diverse, and to me that’s what makes Hamilton work so well. I also love to see new faces playing roles that I know and love and seeing how they embody that role with new energy than all the other casts that came before them. It’s so refreshing as a fan to see all these new clips of the Puerto Rico cast because for me it reminds me that the story of Hamilton is being brought everywhere and not only the story but the love that Lin has brought with it and letting other experience it is really amazing to me.

That’s my last article for this week, but keep on the lookout as I’ll be back again next week about a new show to me coming to Broadway, and how one of my favorite shows has been turned into a book! Leave me a comment if you have any suggestions for what I should do next, or if you want to chat about musical theatre!

*Originally posted on 2-2-19 on previous Wix site*


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